D.I.Y vs Professional

There are many kind of sealant in the market, like grout pen, sealant etc.

Do note alot of product claims to be easy application,it is mostly grout sealant.

It means the lower base of grout is still cement grout.


Type of grouting on market

  • Sanded

  • Epoxy

  • Non-Sanded

  • Liquid Based

  • Oil Based

  • Cementitious

  • Grout Sealer

  • Polyurethane

  •  Polyaspartic

For grout pen, most acts like a marker that is easy and can help you to change the color of the grout. It also means it will wear off as dirt and fungus will still rest on grout after few days. It is good for short term aesthetics and is easily done with a few hours.


For grout sealant, depending on their percentage and material made, most of it acts like a wax on top of your grout. It is a barrier that separates liquid and existing grout hence making grout unable to absorb liquid and dirt impenetrable. As it acts like a wax, mostly will wear and tear after a few weeks and is needed to reseal again. It can be colored or non colored hence also helping with the aesthetics and overall protecting your grout if done properly. It can takes up to a few days to get it done.


For grout spray, its function is alike to sealants, however as its content is thinner, it wears off faster than a grout sealant. It is good for fast and easy protection, however as it is mostly transparent it can't change the aesthetics and it mostly wears off after a few days too.

It is advisable to clean grout before using these products as old fungus and dirt will be still affect your grout if not cleared.

For our service, we will be removing old grout along with all dirt/stain, fungus and mold before applying new grout or sealant that is a polyaspartic based. You can expect years lifespan, stain resistant and scratch/peel proof which cannot be done by sealant. There is also warranty after service so you can be sure it is the best results.

Things to Note for D.I.Y

For sealant , It is advisable to clean grout before using these products as old fungus and dirt will be still affect your grout if not cleared.

After completion, do remember sealant is not acid/bleaach resistance so do take note of your cleaning agent.

It is also not scratch/peel resistance so it is not recommended to scrub your floor.

For grouting, it is advisable to remove your old grouting. Becareful with your strenght and angle when using grout removal tools/machine as it can easily crack your tiles at the side

After applying, no note the curing time for each manafacture brand and which grout you start with as prolong might leave residue at the side of tile which is hard to remove. If you happen to come across,  do use a debond agent to gently rub off the residue.

After you have complete your new grout, do remember its after care and if it is able to be in contact with acid or bleach for your cleaning agent.

If you are not able to complete, we can help to service you.

Just take a photo and roughly brief us what you have done.

Using Bleach/ Acid to Clean?

What it actually does is ‘eat’ (corrode) away your grout ( tile line) so it gets thinner and thinner. And over time your whole grout will be gone and causes water reservoir, water leaking issue and worst of all tile to chip/crack at the side or dropping off.

The proper way to clean? Just get it stain proof and water proof so you don’t have to use acid anymore!