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When you're tired of cleaning,

Don’t hesitate.

Grout ProTech is the ONLY company in Singapore to provide all types & brands of grouting.


Proud to be a homegrown company with the most extensive experience and skills. We are dedicated to delivering quality results.


First started out with grout sealing, we then moved on to Epoxy and Acrylic. We strive to constantly pursue better solutions for grouting as technology advances.


We are not restricted by brands and will only recommend the most suitable grout services for your flooring.

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Why do we need to change grout (tile line)?

The default grouting done by HDB/Condo/renovators is cement grouting. It will absorb water and dirt. It is not anti-stain or water proof. Over time, it leads to: 1. Health condition(ur baby crawling on mold/ excessive breathing of bleach for cleaning) 2.Water leaking due to water reservoir below tiles 3.Mold/fungus/bacteria trap in your grout 4.Foul smelling 5.Discoloration/black and dirty old looking floor 6. Hours of scrubbing and cleaning!

What is the pricing?

It is based on the area of service, type of residential ( landed, HDB, Condo) and grout condition (e.g. how old is the house). As older house takes longer to remove grouting. We are constantly reviewing our price to make it most affordable. Do chat with us to know if there is any promotion or group buy for your area

How long does service takes?

It depends on the area of service and condition. Typically a toilet takes about a day and whole house takes about 4 days ( 10am-5pm) If it is 2 toilet, we will alternate each day for service so you can always have a toilet available

What is the difference between Epoxy and Acrylic grouting?

Both are top grade of grouting with anti stain, water proof and chemical resistance. Epoxy grouting is rough surface with matt looking. It is used for swimming pool to withstand water pressure. Acrylic grouting is sanded/smooth surface and slight reflective of light. It is used for residential more as is it aesthetic pleasing and easier to clean.

Can home owners be at home during service? How about funiture?

Some noise is to be expected (e.g. from vacuum machine) and as long as home owner do not enter service area, it does not matter. (as grout line need few hours to cure). No odor/hacking during service. We will help to move funiture but those very heavy e.g. washing machine , we will recommded not to move as there is water pipes etc.

How to make appointment?

You can drop us a message at "Contact Us" page or 'Book Online" Page Do let us know: 1. Full Address 2. Contact number 3. Area of interest 4. Prefer date 5. How old is the house/ Any customise color We will confirm with you as soon as possible with Nett price.

What is the process like?

1. Site assessment On visit, we will explain what is grouting about. Then we will do a colour matching with your existing tiles. Finally a price quotation and set date for service 2. Actual service day -Please keep your valuables and loose item -Do keep the area dry 6-9 hours before service, if it is not possible then we will dry the area before service For big funiture, we will help to move around Service normally starts from 10am to 6pm 3. After Service There is not much maintance needed Can use area immediately after service ( such as showering) Deep cleaning/acid wash after 24 hours if you want

What is the difference between us and other company?

We are the ONLY company in Singapore to do ALL type/ brand of grouting. We are grout specialist service provider and not grout brand ambassador. Hence we can honestly advice you which is most suitable for your beautiful home!