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Epoxy Grouting

Rough surface with matt looking

Epoxy grout has a rough and dull finishing with high compressive strength. Commonly used in Singapore for swimming pools to withstand high water pressure


  • Recommended for use in commercial, industrial and domestic location, where chemical resistance & maintenance of hygiene and bacteriological sterility are important

  • Recommended for installation subjected to steam cleaning

  • Durable, Stain & Water proof

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Protection against corrosive chemicals (Acid/ Chemical Resistance)

  • Salt Resistant

  • Water Impervious – Minimize growth of fungi, algae, mold, and bacteria

  • Easy Cleaning after

  • Peel/Scratch proof

  • Avoid expensive re-tiling

  • One time application

  • Good hygiene for babies and pets

  • Tile matching colour


  • Not recommended for use with soft glazed decorative ceramic wall tiles or those with metal decors or lustre

  • Though some epoxy formulas come with U.V. inhibitors, they will still eventually yellow or amber when exposed to sunlight for any length of time.

Epoxy Grout Brands Available in the Market:

Davco, Ardex, Mapei, Kastar, and many more

We are able to work with any brand on market

We conduct classes and teaching for contractors

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