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Acrylic Grouting

Best for Residential

Fifty Shades of Colors - Grout Colors

Variety Of Brands and Colours for Best Results

Very durable and more flexibility than epoxy which aids in absorbing tile impacts for  joint movement by themal expansion and cold contraction.

  • Easy Cleaning after

  • Stain & Water/ Moisture proof

  • Abrasion / Peel/Scratch proof

  • Chemical/Acid Resistence

  • Resistance to crack. 

  • Long Lasting ( up to 10 years)

  • Avoid expensive re-tiling

  • One time application

  • Good hygiene for babies and pets

  • Anti Mildew & Anti Bacterial Technology

  • UV stable

  • Tile matching colour

  • Warranty 2 years

It is first used for:protective coatings, garage floor coating, car parts (& car Pontiac Fiero), TACSS, lifting stabs, pipe lining, pool and water tank coating, PU waterproofing and sealing leakage

3M uses it for subway to seal cracks. 

Now geotechnical engineering make it possible to use for grouting 

Brands on Market: Nippon, 3M,Davco,Preflex,Kastar,Weber,Cohesion,DrHouse,Mandala, and more

We are able to work with any brand on market