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Why Change?

Are you seeing this at home?

Have you been cleaning and scrubbing with chlorine/acid?

The grout not matching the colour of your beautiful tiles?

Grout fill seams between tiles. Most default grout is porous(sand) which means it will absorb any liquid and dirt, in turn becoming dirty, stains, mold, and a reservoir of bacteria.

Over time, it affects the cement and causes tiles to crack or pop up; which will cost thousands to re-tile!

Easy maintenance, just spray water to clean

Waterproof & stain/chemical resistant

Creative re-colour/renew worn-out dirty grout to new 

No odor, No machine, No mess

No more cracked grout

Cost-saving, no need for acid/cleaning agent

Long-lasting results

Avoid expensive re-tiling

Good Hygiene for babies/pets

Marble Surface

Choosing a grout

Any preferred brand/country of grout?

No problem, we know it all!

Type of grouting on market

  • Sanded

  • Epoxy

  • Non-Sanded

  • Liquid-Based

  • Oil Based

  • Cementitious

  • Grout Sealer

At Grout ProTech Singapore, we are not restricted by any brands of grouting products. You can count on us to only select the best and most suitable grout solution for your home.

Not all floor issues call for a regrout and

If you don’t need to change grout,

we will tell you upfront!