Acrylic/Epoxy Grout

Acrylic/Epoxy Grout


Acrylic D.I.Y. Sample Grouting

Grout Protech Singapore carries Epoxy grout that is a two-component epoxy resin based product.


The grout is made of imported raw materials from Japan and the United States. It has high-strength chemical and mechanical properties such as extreme adhesion strength and hardness.


Our tile grout is also dirt/mildew/mould/fungus resistant, easy to clean, strong bonding and high durability. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


These products have passed the French A+ standards and the EU CE / ROHS test standards.


1. Install the customized nozzle on the tile grout tube.

2. Put the installed grout tube on the special high-quality labor-saving glue gun.

3. Before grouting, apply the grout with the nozzle upward, and extrude and discard 20-30cm of the front-end part of the colloid that is not evenly mixed (can not be used).

4. Grouting to the tile joint evenly with the cut of glue nozzle downward to fill the gap.

5. Use special pressure steel ball or tungsten steel piece to scrape the glue, and scrape the internal and external corners by corner pressing tools.

6. Shovel the rest grout: 

*  Treatment method of textured paper: after standing for 15-20 minutes, tear off the masking paper along the gap, and clear the surrounding seaming agent and residual stains.

*  Waxing treatment: stand for 4-12 hours (the higher the temperature, the faster the curing), do not tread, and then use the scraper to remove the remaining glue after curing.

Recommendation & Dosage reference

Various bright and matte brick, wood grain brick, antique brick, glazed tile, natural stone, artificial marble, ceramics and other joint filling and beauty joint.


The theoretical amount of grout depends on the tile specification, gap width, depth and construction habits. The following values are the construction area (unit: square meter) of one piece tile grout, which is for reference only.