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Grout Sealant


Grout sealant acts like a layer of paint resting above your existing grout. It is a barrier separating external particles from cement grout, preventing liquid & dirt from penetrating.

Similar to wax, grout sealers wear off over time. It is recommended for quick fixes in most Singapore homes as it dries fast.

Grout sealant is a substance that you can apply on top of your tile grout to not only make the surfaces of the tiles shinier but provide protection as well. The grout sealant acts like a coating on top of your tiles. Grout in its natural form is prone to absorbing moisture, germs, bacteria and mould because of its chemical composition. Grout sealant prevents this by acting as a layer that stops the absorption of liquid or dirt.

Grout sealant is an effective way to prevent the discolouration of your tiles and the accumulation of dirt. Most floor tiles with grout will require grout sealant every two to three years-- only high-quality epoxy grout is naturally resistant to dirt and moisture. Here at Grout ProTech, we offer quick fixes to reapplying grout sealant to your tiled grout floors in Singapore. Contact us!

  • Easy Cleaning after

  • Stain & Water resistence

  • Fastest drying/curing time

  • Tile matching colour

We are able to work with any brand on market

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