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Why we moved on from grout sealing

Grout sealing

Diluted grouting product, also known widely overseas as grout paint. After application there is a high probability that the tiles may start to absorb the product's water content due to simple osmosis thus causing the above photo (from another customer group chat) effects.

Such watermarks contain certain colourants that are not possible to remove leaving home owners with the only option of re-tiling.

This is aggravated by the application process where applicators have to use a damp cloth to clean off the excess on the tiles. Resulting in a worsened state of watermarks.

Applicators/retailers still using grout sealing/shield are mostly not as informed or not keeping up to date with the current climate of the renovation industry and its needs.

Video sent from one of home owner engaging our service after grout sealing.

In general, it is actually highly not recommended to use grout sealers/shield by professionals.

Spending money on grouting should be a semi-permanent solution.

You should not worry about what chemicals may harm(discolour/spoil) your grout.

You should be able to use any sort of cleaning equipments and not fret about damaging the 💰 you spent!

P.S- Acrylic/epoxy grouting is the only type of grouting you can do before/after renovation, even if you're living in


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