Acrylic/Epoxy Grout

Acrylic/Epoxy Grout

Grout ProTech carries Acrylic/Epoxy tile grout in a wide range of colours for you to be your own designer! Get quality grout fillers in the market at reasonable prices because we do direct imports from factory to Singapore.


Simply check out your order! Payment will be on delivery with demonstration of usage. Bathroom flooring may take 1 to 2 days to complete for first timers. Do enquire about available stocks and preferred colours. For contractors, email us to enquire about bulk prices for P20/P30/Colours/Tools.



  1. Anti Stain/ Mould/ Fungus
  2. Chemical/Mechemical Resistance
  3. Water proof Anti Scratch/Peel
  4. Years of quality assured
  5. No wear and tear


Great for Wet area for easy cleaning

400ml Shelf Life: 2 years


Note: Just check out order, payment will be on delivery with demo!

A toilet flooring may need 1-2 days to complete for first timer with 2 to 3 bottles.


Tools Are Not Included

Please check with us for available instock colour/ other series


For contractor, do email us for bulk buy p30/p20/colors/tools

We do training for your worker!