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Acrylic Vs Epoxy Vs Sealing Vs Marble Gum

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Acrylic grouting is smooth /sanded surface and slightly gloss looking.

It is a complete replacement of the existing grout lines with a hybrid solution that is capable of withstanding most chemicals and does not have epoxy flake problems/ water mark issue

It is mostly used for residential as is it aesthetic pleasing

Recommeded, best grouting on market currently

Epoxy grouting is rough surface with matte finishing. It's the replacement of existing grout lines with sanded epoxy grout that is traditionally used in swimming pool grouting and therefore the toughest available product on the market.

Grout sealing is a layer of sealant/protection on the existing grout lines

Marble Glue is a completely different genre of product, it's used for surface of the whole floor and tile and requires specific expertise and products to work with.


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