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How to Maintain and Clean Epoxy and Waterproof Grout with simple steps

Epoxy and waterproof grouts are popular choices for tiled surfaces due to their durability, resistance to stains, and non-porous nature. As compared to cement grout its cleaning and maintenance is reduced by 90% as dirt and stains do not get absorbed in grout anymore.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to maintain and clean epoxy and waterproof grout effectively.

Understanding Epoxy and Waterproof Grout

Epoxy Grout:

  • Made from a mixture of epoxy resins and a filler powder.

  • Highly resistant to stains, chemicals, and water.

  • Ideal for areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Waterproof Grout:

  • Includes types like urethane grout, polymer grout, and polyaspartic grout.

  • Designed to repel water and resist staining.

  • Suitable for outdoor areas, showers, and areas exposed to water.

Regular Cleaning Tips

  1. Routine Wiping:

  • Regularly wipe down tiled surfaces with a damp cloth or mop to remove surface dirt and prevent buildup. Use a mild detergent mixed with water for best results.

  1. Avoid Harsh Cleaners on daily basis:

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or harsh chemicals (acid/bleach daily) that can damage the grout’s surface. Stick to pH-neutral cleaners designed for tile and grout.

  1. Frequent Sweeping:

  • Sweep or vacuum tiled floors frequently to remove dust and debris that can stick to the surface of grout.

Deep Cleaning Methods

  1. Mild Detergent Solution:

  • Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water. Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub the grout lines gently. Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel.

  1. Vinegar and Water Solution:

  • For a natural cleaning solution, mix equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray the solution onto the grout lines and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Scrub with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly.

  1. Baking Soda Paste:

  • Make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the grout lines and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub gently with a brush and rinse well.

  1. Commercial Grout Cleaners:

  • Use commercial grout cleaners specifically formulated for epoxy or waterproof grout. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Repair Damages Promptly:

  • Inspect grout lines regularly for any signs of damage, cracks, or chipping. Repair any issues promptly to prevent water infiltration and further deterioration, if any.

  1. Maintain Proper Ventilation:

  • Ensure adequate ventilation in moisture-prone areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Use exhaust fans or open windows to reduce humidity and prevent mold growth on the grout surface.

  1. Avoid Heavy scrapping:

  • While keeping the grout clean is essential, avoid heavy scrapping that can wear down the grout surface over time.

  1. Professional Cleaning:

  • Schedule periodic professional cleaning to ensure deep cleaning and maintenance of your grout. Professionals have the right tools to clean effectively.


Epoxy and waterproof grouts are designed to offer superior durability and resistance to stains and water. However, they still require regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid any debris on the surface.

By following the cleaning methods and maintenance tips outlined in this guide, you can keep your epoxy and waterproof grout looking pristine and ensure its longevity. Remember, a little effort in regular maintenance goes a long way in preserving the beauty and functionality of your tiled surfaces.

Stay tuned for our next post on how to clean cement grout!


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