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Marble gum vs Seal vs Acrylic/Epoxy

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Marble gum

Originally the process of marble polishing is meant to be used on natural stone tiles, but with the streamlining of porcelain/homogenous tiles in the construction line, marble polishing companies also start to find methods to polish such tiles

In essence they have to grind your tiles to the same level and apply a layering of wax/glue to attain the flat surface before buffing it and creating the gloss finish

After 3-5 years marble gum /wax wears off, and is needed to polish again.

Its main function is to polish tiles and flat surface on flooring.


The grout will still turn black over time

Needed to Polish again after 3 years

Grout Sealing

Grout sealing uses back the exact same grout powder to regrout and then proceed to use

a bottle of liquid (paint/wax -like) substance to "seal" the grout powder,

They do not upgrade or improve your grout, they merely redo the same process all contractors do and then apply something on top to rebrand it as "regrouting".

Current grout sealing applicators in Singapore are told to mix their product with W1(cement hardener) to give tiles a finer finished look. This is actually not a

ccepted by relevant authorities(BCA) as this does more harm to your tiles than help.

To attain a levelled finish with your grouting, applicators have to harden the base of your grout with cement hardener, which in return will not leave the space for tiles to expand and contract thus causing further damage to the integrity of your tiles.

Grout should remain, to the best of your applicator's abilities within the designated grout joint.

Filling up the grout lines to the brim " Flat surface”, applicators are actually creating the problem of grout lines popping out in the future - Cutting sensation when your walk on

For more serious cases, tiles popping is a possibility. Ending with you to go back for retiling/resealing, reoccurring buisness.

In short, grout sealing is a grout accessories for short term cover up


Cheap and fast touch up

Can be done on top of old grouting


Last for a few months

After a few weeks will have peeling problems, will need frequent touch up

Acrylic/ Epoxy Grouting

Every condo or public swimming pool using epoxy grout. You won't see they using grout seal or marble gum on it.

Acyrlic grout is the most durable grout that can withstand strong water pressure, acid wash and scrubbing.

Because acyrlic is non porous type can withstand all kind of brush or chemical for easy maintain and last long for years.

Acrylic grouting can also give your tiles a smooth finish at the same time maintaining the required grout width.

Looking at all aspect for grout requirment, maintenance and funtion, Acrylic grouting comes on top of all grouting and grout accessories currently on market globally.


Last 10 years and above

No maintenance/peeling/cutting sensation

Can acid wash/scrub

Great flexibility for joint movement

So acrylic grouting is basically to upgrade the grouting material, making grout will not turn black anymore, Or peeling/cutting problems like grout sealing/marble gum.


Longer time to cure

Great workmanship is needed

Grout tools is needed

All in all, whatever grout you choose should still prioritize functions of grout. It should not have peeling/cutting/discolouration or tiles popping problems as its main purpose is for tiles/joint expansion and contaction for years.


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