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Why Should You Only Trust Professionals to Maintain and Upgrade Your Tiles and Grouts?

With the abundance of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos, it would not be a surprise that there is one about grout application. You might have been enticed by the idea that you can do a professional-level of grout application even without prior training and experience, so you try to do it on your own. The result? Misaligned tiles and a messy cement paste in your once neatly designed bathroom. Instead of saving more money, you ended up having to double your expenses to have professionals redo your tile and grout application. It is a situation that you would not want to happen to you. Hence, from the get-go, hiring a trustworthy grout contractor in Singapore is what would save you from this possible disaster.

Grout application before and after

Why Should You Trust a Grouting Professional?

The title grouting professional is not something that anyone can acquire. Some skills need to be learned before one can say that they are an expert when it comes to grout application and care. Fortunately, you would not need to search for a grouting professional on your own because there are companies that can provide them for you!

Below are the qualifications that you can see from a grouting expert that makes them trustworthy.

grouting expert needed for broken tile

1. Years of experience

They say that experience is the greatest teacher that you can ever get. Well, it applies to letting a long-time grouting professional do the work for you. Unskilled or poor workmanship can result in damaged tiles. Their years of experience on the job has trained them not only to get the work done but to also avoid making mistakes and bring beauty to your tiles!

If this is a crucial factor that can impact your decision to engage with a grout services company, you can ask to schedule an interview with them to help you with your decision-making process.

grout protection caulking tools kit

2. In-depth knowledge of grouting

The same as not hiring a gardener to be your driver, you must not let anyone do grouting services at your home aside from a professional. Their in-depth knowledge allows them to know which type of grout is suitable for your space. For instance, epoxy grout application is recommended to high-traffic areas, such as commercial spaces of grocery stores or retail establishments. Acrylic grout is great for residential as no maintenance is needed, anti-bacterial, stain resistant, and high durability. It is commonly used in wet areas for waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-mildew. It is also an increasing trend to use in dry areas for a seamless look. Polyaspartic grout is commonly used for outdoor areas as it is UV stable, discolouration resistance, high bonding strength, and tear/scratch/wear resistance.

Trust that they will consider the factors that can affect the durability of your grout lines, and eventually come up with a recommendation for you to get the best value out of your investment!

Additionally, they would not hesitate in giving you tips on how you can maintain your grout lines to be as good as new. Feel free to ask them anything that you are curious about grouting because they will know every answer to it!

They also conduct lessons to fellow contractors on how to do acrylic and epoxy grouting.

grouting application

3. Use of professional equipment

What differs a cleaning service company from a provider of grouting services in Singapore is that grout specialists know that cleaning grout lines alone does not completely remove unwanted particles. They know the effective ways to utilise tools and equipment to get rid of dirt, dust, mould, and mildew out of your grout. Trust the professionals to eliminate harmful substances and renew your grouts to pristine conditions that will last for years.

grouting service before and after

Grout Pro Tech as Your Contractor

If you think about a company who offers grouting in Singapore, they don’t solely focus on one thing. With Grout Pro Tech, you can choose to get our epoxy grout, acrylic grout, grout sealing and grout repair services! Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your grouting needs. We have a team of professionals to help your grout maintain a polished look for years to come!

For a professional regrouting and maintenance of your tiles, book an appointment with us today! Leave a message on our website about your grouting problems, and we will help you resolve it at a reasonable price.


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