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Choosing Grout Colour: How to Match It with Your Tiles?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Before anything else becomes the centrepiece for your home, you have your walls and your floors to make people, including yourself, fall in awe. See, even with the most amazing furniture collection, your home would not stand out if your walls and your floor are not complementing their tile grout.

Some people do not consider grout as important as their tile flooring or tiled wall. Yes, tile grout and grout colours do not even take that much space to be conspicuous, but the truth is, it has a significant visual impact that can define the entire look and feel of your home.

The importance of tile grout

Tiles are pieces of ceramic, porcelain, glass, and even stones arranged into a polygonal pattern across your threshold and floors. However, tiles do not cover the whole space, as there would be gaps between each tile piece. This gap is then filled with a paste, somewhat considered a glue that holds every tile together, called grout.

There are also other reasons why tile grout is important. It also protects your tile floors and walls from water, it

prevents the tiles from chipping and breaking, and lastly, it makes sure that your tiles are in place.

However, what many people do not realize is that grout also affects the overall visual, and aesthetic feel of the home. So, if you are someone who never has given your tile grout choice a thought, this article would give you insights as to how you can choose a grout colour that would match your tiles.

Choosing grout colour

1. Accentuate your tiles

Just like with your furniture pieces where you need a centrepiece to highlight, the same thing goes with your floor and walls. Only in this case, your tile pieces are your centrepiece. What else would help you highlight it? The answer is your tile grout colours. So, the first step you need to do in choosing your tile grout is also checking the material and colour of your tiled flooring and tiled-walls to see how much accentuating they would need.

2. Choose a good contrast

Should grout be darker or lighter than the tile?

Following our first item is the need to find a good contrast. By doing this, you now draw attention to the tile pattern and layout of your flooring and walls. It is helpful especially when you have a very detailed or decorative tile pattern. One of the popular choices in home design today is white tile against gray grout. Subway tiles come in many colors and grout in almost as many colors. Why not get creative? Getting a darker shade of grout colour would provide a good contrast between grout and tiles, and highlights the pattern of your tile.

3. When in doubt go for neutral colours

This pointer is a safe one as choosing light and neutral coloured grouts always often end up looking amazing, especially in the bathroom. Not to mention that there are pros in this choice, as neutral coloured grouts are able to complement many kinds of patterned or designed tiles. Always ask for recommendations from your preferred grout services in Singapore, most would be able to suggest a suitable colour based on your preference while considering the entire resulting appearance.

Don't forget to try several grout colours on

Let us wrap it up with the most important tip. It is always recommended that you try it on. Similarly to taking a test drive or trying on your clothes, this is how you would be sure that your choice would accentuate your tiles and show the beauty of your flooring.

There you have it, three easy steps on how you can choose your tile grout colours. If you are looking for a grout sealer in Singapore, on the other hand, visit our website, we can also help you with that!


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