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Carpet vs Tiles: Reasons to Switch to Tile Grout Flooring

Flawless Tile Grout Flooring

The material covering the floor is one of the most significant aspects of a home. Without it, any place would look dull and bare. But between the different types of floor covering, tiles and carpets stand out the most.

Most people choose either one of them since they look great. Though, as a wise homeowner, you should opt for one that gains you more benefits in the long term.

To figure out which one is better, let us show you why we think tiles are a more superior choice, especially with flawless tile grout flooring in Singapore.

Here are some of them that may convince you to switch to tiles and ditch the carpet.


Even though the cost of tiles differs by their types, some are comparable to the carpet's price, and others are cheaper. But regardless of the tiles you choose, if they got installed and had flawless grout flooring, they can last for decades, up to 50 years.

If you calculate the price by the number of years they can last, you reap more than you sowed. That means you would be able to get the most out of the tiles than the carpets.

Far More Durable

Far More Durable.

Have you noticed that hotels do not use carpets in their lobby? That is because if they experience too much foot traffic, they wear down quickly. When that happens, they will not look good, and you would need to get repairs constantly to maintain their good condition.

Meanwhile, tiles are pretty durable. Despite their fragile look, they do not crack quite easily unless someone puts a lot of pressure on their feet as they walk on them. And to further ensure that they will last longer, have proper grouting on your tiles in Singapore.

Appeal Better to Modern Taste.

Many people say carpets are a thing of the past. Somewhat, it is true since you would most likely see them in traditional homes.

That is why if you are not an old soul yourself and you want a clean-cut shape for your home interior design, tiles have these qualities. Regardless of the tiles you choose, if it is cut, laid flat, and has a good amount of grout filler, everything would look crisper and sharper.

Keep Clean

Much Easier to Keep Clean.

Besides the appealing look of tiles, they are also easy to keep clean. If you have kids and they tend to play around, you do not have to worry about the floor getting stained. With a few wipes of the mop, the tiles look the same before they get wet. The same goes for your pets who love to pee on the floor when you are not looking.

Lower the Exposure to Allergies.

Unlike carpets, you would not notice any hair sticking nor buried deep within if you have tiles as your flooring. Even more, if your tiles have gone through grouting services in Singapore.

With a flawless tile job, you can assure that every tile is well-sealed on the ground. As such, you can expect no mould and mildew would develop, causing you and your family allergies.

Suitable Anywhere

Suitable Anywhere.

If you opt for carpets, you would never think of using them in your kitchen, let alone your bathroom. Since they are not water-resistant, they would not smell bad if they got wet after your shower or washing the dishes.

With all of these benefits, you would still hesitate not to switch to tiles and apply flawless grout flooring on them?

If you think you are ready to opt for tiles but cannot do the grouting of your floors, let Grout ProTech lend you a hand. With our grouting services in Singapore, you can expect a flawless tile job!


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