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What to Expect in a Grouting Service?

To bring life to any place, many people think about repairing the areas that need more attention. They believe that roof replacement, repainting walls, and changing furniture pieces are more important than anything else. Little did they know that grouting tile flooring in Singapore is equally notable as well. Since they take up the entire space, they can affect the aesthetic of a home.

Sure, keeping the tile flooring clean and tidy can brighten any room. But with constant use, any tile flooring is bound to wear and tear over time. It would take one reliable grout services provider in Singapore that offers proper tile and even grouting jobs for them to last long.

Fortunately, it would be easy to cross out a list of grouting specialists and find the right one when you know what to expect from a reliable grouting services provider!

Read through the following to learn what a reliable grouting services provider does and what services you can expect from them.

What Is A Grouting Services Provider?

They are a grouting specialist that applies a grouting product on tile flooring to keep them in good condition for a long time. Aside from that, proper and even grouting product applications in Singapore can give you valuable benefits as well, such as:

  • Preventing the dirt, debris, and moisture from seeping underneath the tile flooring.

  • Improving the water resistance of the tiles so water will not be stored in the grout lines and dry off from the surface.

  • Preventing Material loss from floor washing and brushing

  • Aesthetical value adde

If done well, you can expect your tile flooring to last long for at least 30 to 50 years, with continuous grouting services.

What To Expect From A Reliable Grouting Services Provider

If you already have started your search for a grouting contractor in Singapore, you may have noticed that they share some resemblance. Regardless of their similarities, you should be aware that a reliable one will always stand out. You will know that a grouting services provider is a reliable one when:

1. Do Site Assessment (FREE)

Before any grouting contractor in Singapore does their grouting service, they will conduct a site assessment first for at least an hour. It is a necessary step to determine the condition of the existing grout of your tile flooring.

The site assessment consists of checking the hardness, the size of the area they need to grout, and assessing which type and finishing material they need to use.

2. Provide Professional Grouting Advice

When you have no idea which grouting product to use for your tile flooring, that is okay. A reliable grouting contractor is willing to provide professional grouting advice to their clients, from types of grouting products to what colour among 38 grout colours is suitable for your needs.

3. Carry Out Grout Removal

Once done with the site assessment, the grouting specialists will prepare your tile flooring for the grout by carrying out grout removal. You could expect this process to consist of:

  • The grouting specialists will scrape off all old cement, along with dirt, mould, and fungus in between grout lines that could cause your health problems, such as asthma and allergies.

  • Then they will vacuum the area to guarantee no micro-dust is still in the grout lines.

4. Execute Grout Application

Afterwards, when your tile flooring is ready for grouting application, here is the step-by-step process that the grouting specialists will do.

  • Then they will inject new grouting products of your choice or which one is the most suitable for your tile flooring in the grout lines, such as epoxy grout (non-porous material)

  • To make sure the grouting application is even, they will do grout levelling using a level bar and tools.

  • Once done, allow 3 to 4 hours of curing time.

  • After curing, the grouting specialist will do some touch up if necessary. They will also clean off any grout excess in the tile flooring.

  • Before the grouting services completion, they will conduct one last quality check to guarantee everything went well.

If you are interested in getting grouting services in Singapore, here is an estimation on project scales on time needed for the project:

  • A bathroom floor: 1 Day work

  • A 4 room BTO Living hall + Dining Area + Hallway: 2 Days work

  • A 4 room BTO Living hall + Dining Area + Hallway + 2 bathroom + Kitchen and yard: 5 Days work

5. Apply Grout Sealer

If the turnaround time of the comprehensive grouting services is too long for you and you think your tile flooring only needs a quick fix, a grout contractor also offers grout sealing services that last for 6 months long.

When you avail this, expect them to apply a thin coat of grout sealer in Singapore on the top of the existing cement grout, making the grout lines temporarily unable to absorb moisture. You will expect the coating to be worn off within 6 months.

6. Offer Warranty

The grouting services of a reliable grouting contractor does not end there. They also offer a series of warranties and full commitment for all of their grouting projects, from workmanship to material quality. Therefore, expect to get the most out of your grouting services, and worth every penny for what you pay for the grouting.

Working With Grout ProTech

For the sake of your health and the aesthetics of your home, you should consider working with a reliable grouting services provider in Singapore. They can keep your tile flooring in good condition for a long time with no mould or mildew.

Need grouting services in Singapore right now? We at Grout ProTech are always ready to help you grout the tiles of your place at your convenience.


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