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When Should You Regrout Your Floor Tiles?

When Should You Regrout Your Floor Tiles?

People may not think too much about their grout or tiles, but doing so can prevent you from inconvenience, stress, and overspending. No matter how well-maintained your flooring is, water has the magic of washing things away, (look at the Grand Canyon), and eventually your floor tiles would lose its lustrousness. Prevent such from happening and know when to get grout services in Singapore for a regrouting.

To help you out, here are the instances that would tell you that it is indeed time to do so:

1. When you notice loose and uneven tiles

Loose tiles could only mean one thing, and that is your tile grout has lost its substance and effectiveness. When you have loose tiles, you might not even notice it, but as time goes by you would realize that you have chipped tiles or even cracked ones for that matter. It could, later on, be a problem as it may cause you wounds or lacerations. Also, it does not end there. One loose and cracked tile can affect tiles surrounding it, eventually causing a chain reaction. All because you have neglected your needs for an epoxy grout upgrade or simple grout sealer services.

2. When there are resistive moulds growing

Mould growth can be considered as a normal occurrence especially in bathrooms and sinks. However, this is the very purpose of why tile grouts exist: to prevent moisture and mould growth. So, if you start noticing moulds between the gaps of your bathroom tiles, it means that your tile grout has lost its magic. Water can now freely invade the gaps of your tiles, as there would be no substance to prevent the absorption nor reduce water moisture. This scenario would then be a catalyst for mould growth, and later on a problem for your household. Moulds can cause slippery floors and even health & breathing problems. Do not let it get to this point, and hire a reliable grout expertise or use a temporary grout sealer in Singapore asap.

3. When your tile grout is washed away

This item could be said for those newly tiled flooring. So, you have your bathroom done or redone. A new batch and layer of grout have been applied. However, you notice that they are only being washed away. You would probably think that it is only normal because it is new, but let us tell you, it is not. Even with different grout colours, your tile grout should stick and hold against water, as it is their duty. So, if this is the case, it only means that whoever did the job for you was mediocre and you need new grout services in Singapore to do a grout upgrade.

What makes a bathroom grout great?

All in all, you need to keep in mind that grout holds your tiles together, while keeping out excess water moisture that accumulates mould growth. and at the same time, a reliable premium grout sticks on & will last you for years. Yes, we have a solution to prevent the above factors which traditional grout will suffer in a few years of use and function. So if you notice these important signs, you mustn't neglect it, hire a grout contractor in Singapore asap, as it can be more problematic later on.

Visit our website, and let our grout services expert help you today.


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